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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Former Lockheed scientist talks about aliens and UFO's 

On aliens visiting earth

This article is truly mind blowing.  This retired scientist with an impressive background was privy to high level information about alien visitations to planet earth, and where the evidence resides.  He is primarily interested in the technical details of space travel, rather than  where they come from or why they are here.  He explains that because he is now retired, he can speak openly about these matters, though others who are still actively employed by Lockheed Martin cannot publicly reveal such information. 

To see and hear his testimony, go to


"Lockheed Martin senior scientist tells all, before he dies."

"He talks about the famous area 51, how they look, how they power their craft through anti-gravity, how they communicate, where they are from.  No mention of why they are here, what they want.  Says they are also working with the Chinese and the Russians.  He is now dead."

(I myself do not necessarily believe in the reality of alien visitors, but I find the whole topic a fascinating possibility and confess that I watch many programs on ancient and present day visitors to earth. Even the Bible contains tantalizing allusions to the visitors from elsewhere.)

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