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Friday, March 17, 2017

Who I Am 

Who I Am

(for Kundalini, the Beloved Within)

The Hindus call me
the serpent of love,
Shiva's own Shakti
by whom
the world is made.

In Africa,
I am "Num."
I bring blessings
and sweet healing.

The Hebrews think of me
as the Shekinah,
and long for my presence.

The Christians term me
the Holy Spirit.
I struck down Paul
on his way to
I entered the room
of the disciples
during the Pentecost
when light blazed over their heads.

In Egypt I am the
magic elixir
poured down
from the gods.

When the Goddess
lived in Greece,
I moved among the dancers.

The shamans embrace me
as they fly to heaven.

I am the rapture
of the saints,
the suffering
of the betrayed.

I am inside you,
in every cell and pore.

I am without
in every stone
and star.

No one has seen me
or held me
in their hands.

I am all that is.

I am you.

Dorothy Walters
March 17, 2017

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