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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Important Information on Solar Flares via Sparrow Mattes 


Sparrow Mattes

Hi Dorothy...
I am reading a series of books that i found on Amazon Kindle which are free that are called Agni Yoga...It was a series written in the late 1920's and 30's ...This morning came across this little segment about sun spots. Thought you might find it of interest...

" 18. Astrochemistry makes it possible to determine the best combinations of astrochemical rays for each organism. Astrology is nothing but formulas of astrochemistry. He who enters a house permeated with nicotine will carry away with him poisonous particles. Similarly, once someone has experienced directly the action of certain astrochemical rays, he will always respond to this particular combination. Knowing this, it becomes easy to ascertain when to approach a person who is needed.
The much-discussed sunspots intensify chemical influences. People keep repeating about unrest in the world during periods of sunspots, and even those with little knowledge can draw correct conclusions. But if we call to mind the harmful chemical reactions, it is not difficult to understand the saturation of space by the most active compounds, such as oxides and metalloids. How can one lightmindedly deny the evolutionary power of matter when from the Inexhaustible Reservoir rays of immeasurable intensity pour over our heads?
Those with especially sensitive organisms can testify that during the culminating period of the sunspots the rays of the luminary, because of their qualities, become unbearable for them. Also, during the passing of the great meteors, one may feel a quivering of the nervous system. Until now, people have been unable to recognize their place in this gigantic laboratory. That single recognition alone would arm the human organism, and, in place of worried observation of the tremors of the seismograph, would direct the search into the Limitless Heights—as material as tomorrow’s repast, as majestic as the numberless stars."

Hope your day is filled with grace and goodness..


from Dorothy

Sparrow, this is fabulous.  It confirms all I had suspected and even suggests (I believe) that evolution of species on earth is powered by energies from space.  It all makes sense, once you put it together, and especially after you experience some of it.  And––if these events can trigger evolution of species on earth, it also can trigger the kind of human evolution that is now occurring over the planet.  I can't thank you enough and  please send any other interesting info on this or other topics that you come across.  For me, the encouraging part is that the bliss followed the time of dislocation in a couple of days, and indeed I wondered if this was not the result of integrating the new energies into the system.  If so, it strongly suggests that this is how we are being turned into the "new human" (some speak of this as the divine human, and in those times of rapture that is what it feels like: "God moving through your body" as one psychic put it.)

 Are we not blessed to be living at this exciting time of evolution of spirit and mind? One person, on hearing of the solar flares, said she felt the same kind of excitement as on Christmas day. Indeed, it is a new "Christmas," a time of new understanding and changes within. Most don't yet have the full (or even a partial) understanding, so it is up to folks like us to spread the word. I am feeling sweetness flow even as I write. Blessings and vast love to you, Sparrow. How glad I am to know you!

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