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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kundalini and the Elder 

Kundalini and the Elder

We sometimes wonder how our Kundalini energies will be affected as we age. Will they weaken or disappear?  Will we still be able to experience rapture in some form?  Will our bodies and nervous systems revert to an earlier state, one in which we moved through the world in "normal," more familiar fashion?

I can only speak from my own experience, since as far as I know no one has looked closely into this subject to discover any common themes.

I now write this at the age of 89, some 36 years after my original awakening.  For me the Kundalini process has been a long and sometimes challenging, sometimes rapturous experience.  My inner process (I think of this as a form of meditation) has changed constantly over time as I have explore various forms of devotional practice, from movement to deep listening of music to bowing before my Buddhist thanka on my living room wall to reading of sacred  poetry and diverse sacred texts to listening to Tibetan overtone chanting to other modes I could include.

My basic conclusion is this: Kundalini continues well into age, although it constantly shifts in texture, form, cause, and frequency.  It becomes softer, gentler, more subtle.  It requires less effort to experience bliss.  Instead of the broad movements of hatha yoga, mini movements of the hands or hips suffice.  One learns to experience the sweet energies of the aura itself just by moving the hands in circles a few inches from the body.  These delicate, ethereal sensations confirm our sense of divine connection as much as did the intense and thrilling raptures of the beginning.  What was in the early stages like a brass band marching through our living room is now like the sound of a soft flute playing in the distance, but they are equally delightful.

We no longer need to "practice" in a regular fashion, since the Beloved Within often visits in surprise moments.  We may wake up already feeling bliss stirring in our hands and arms or elsewhere.  We may be taken into unexpected ecstasy by listening to sacred music as we sit in front of our computers listening to the internet.  Sometimes it begins with inhaling the scent of essential oils, particularly when these include frankincense.  We often mirror in our own bodies the lovely energies emanating from certain chakras of friends or others standing before us.  Holding certain crystals can awaken bliss within.  When we stand in front of certain  paintings or other works of art, we may "pick up" the creator's own energies, embedded in the image and now emanating from it as universal love/bliss.  Likewise, when we visit certain sacred locations (I think of Ireland in especial here ) we may feel the earth energies rise up through our bodies and carry us into rapture.

We no longer experience the disruptive "ups and downs" of the early stages when our bodies sought to integrate new and unfamiliar frequencies.

We experience deep peace within ourselves, and find it easier to maintain calm in the face of crisis.

Our focus turns from our own demanding inner process to helping others as best we can to understand and survive the profound transformation now happening to them and countless numbers across the globe as we together move through planetary initiation.  We strive to send our energies out into the universe to help and heal those facing health and other challenges.

We continue to feel gratitude that we are included in this vast and enigmatic process, orchestrated elsewhere and enfolding us in Love from the Divine Source of all Love that is.

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