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Friday, April 07, 2017

More on Solar Flares, and How They Impact Us 

More on Solar Flares and Their Impact on Us Humans

I keep on watching to see if there is some connection between solar flares and my own internal responses.  Earlier I read that there would be increased solar activity between April 2 and the following ten days or so.  I have described what happened to me (and others) last Sunday (April 2) and how this day was followed two days later with unexpected bliss.

Yesterday I had another strange experience.  I was "woozy' all day long and accomplished almost nothing at all.  Mostly I sat dozing in front of my computer, so lacking in energy I did not even want to move.

Today is different.  Again, I had unexpected bliss, though on a delicate and subtle level.  Yet it was quite "sweet," especially around my head and shoulders.  It felt like light playing over water, or sweet energies circling my body.  I love such gentle states.  They seem most appropriate to me at this stage of life.

Sometimes I peeked in the mirror to see what was going on.  As always, I found that my hands were moving some distance away from my body and in fact were located not where one might expect, but at another location––thus, instead of being over my head (which was the area of bliss/feeling) they were several inches away and below the area of response.  Also, instead of open palms I had palms pressed together in prayer position.  As always, I have unanswered questions and no one to consult.  Always, we live in mystery, but one thing is indeed certain: SOMETHING IS HAPPENING.

I call this practice "Kundalini Tantra Yoga."


The jeweled cloud sways overhead,

Meanwhile, our cells are turning to air,
finer and finer arrangements of light.

(from "Some Kiss We Want: Poems Selected and New")

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