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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Post Mortem 

Post Mortem

We know this.
We have been warned.

The animals are leaving.
This place is no longer
a haven.

The ice is fleeing.
It no longer holds.

The trees, the plants
are wilting.
They have been

Earth reminds us
that we do not
have a permanent lease.
It was here before,
it will remain.

What will we do
for something to breathe?
What shall we eat?
Or drink instead of water?

We have elected
our own shadow.
Will anyone notice?
Will we attend?

Dorothy Walters
April 2, 2017

As pessimistic as this poem seems, I am not in despair.  I firmly believe that as the 
 structures and conditions of the outer world decay, the inner temple is standing firm.  I think we are in fact in the midst of a giant revolution, the turning from one era to the next. Our part is not to fall into hopelessness, but to play our part in this remarkable stage of human evolution.  In the midst of sadness there is room for joy.  We are each allowed to be witness to this crucial transformation, and to do all we can to prevent the total collapse of the outer world as we continue to rebuild from within.

This is why we came.

My motto, as always, is "Acknowledge the shadow, but stand in the light."

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