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Friday, April 21, 2017

Romeo and Juliet––poem by Dorothy 

Romeo and Juliet

Think of it as a metaphor,
an allegory of the soul.

First your spirit is drawn
to what is attractive,
but not permanent.

Then you encounter
the real thing,
the Beloved who
is also seeking you,
waiting to bestow
the secret embraces you long for.

First there is the love night,
the darkness in which you consecrate
your union,
and know that it will last always.

Then the fatal interruption,
something that drives you
away from one another,
not your doing
but fate, it would seem.
What have you done wrong?

Finally reunited, you must die
in one another's arms,
too late for return,
now you are something other,
new beings ascending,
hybrids made of light and clay.

“Romeo and Juliet” traces the stages of the mystical journey.  First there is the discovery of the false teaching, the wrong path for you. (Romeo infatuated with Rosalind at the ball.)  Then there is the finding of the Beloved Herself, the goddess within, and the celebration of the love night.  (Romeo and Juliet fall in love and spend the night together.)  Next is the “dark night of the soul” when it feels that the connection with the divine is somehow lost, as if one is not worthy of the holy marriage.  (The death experience in the tomb.)  Then comes the final stage of rebirth, when you and the Beloved are One,“hybrids made of light and clay.”  (Transcendence, rebirth growing out of death, either in this life or after.  Not included in the play, but essential.)

Dorothy Walters
April 21, 2017

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