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Monday, April 17, 2017

Samadhi Movie, 2017 

Samadhi Movie, 2017 - Part 1 - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self"

This film is available on YouTube

Note from Dorothy: I was extremely impressed with the film that is noted below, and was eager to find out who made it. This movie sums up in a very clear and precise way much of the perennial philosophy––those basic notions and concepts that underlie almost all the major religions and spiritual traditions. I found that the name of the video maker is Daniel Schmidt and below is what he wrote about this film. Daniel is very knowledgeable about many spiritual traditions as well as some of the most significant myths and ideas of western culture (Plato's cave, Sisyphus, Kant). I found the film very rewarding and am grateful that Daniel is using his talents to assist the world in its progress to "samadhi" and greater understanding of who and where we are in our common journey of awakening.

Here is Daniel Schmidt's comment on his film:

"The film Samadhi began as part of my own meditative journey. In 2013 I felt drawn to surrender myself more completely to the one source both in medtation and in outer life. The film was a way to understand and go deeper into what Patanjali and the Buddha described in their teachings, and to experience the perennial wisdom (prajna) which is the common source of all religions. As a result my life has been completely dismantled, as my self structure is no longer able to continue its usual patterns. I have gone from a sense that "I" am creating a film, to a total letting go of control and a feeling of participating in something much larger than me. I do not recognize my life, nor do I know when the film will be released. But I have a deep trust that it will be released at exactly the right moment.
Lao Tse said "The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao". One thing has become very clear; Samadhi cannot be conveyed through a film. Like a finger pointing at the moon, the film can only point individuals within themselves, towards their stillness, and divine Will or the higher self must be somewhat awake already to hear the message, to make the leap from the finger to the moon. Otherwise it is just another curiosity for the mind, or even worse, it will lead people to believe that they understand Samadhi. In that stillness and vast field of emptiness, there is something unfathomable that awakens. A new level of mind in which this entire universe, both inner and outer reality, is being dreamed into existence. It takes a total effort of one's being for this to be realized, a total alignment of one's life to this purpose. Yet it is not an effort to "do" anything, but rather an effort to stop everything that the ego structure is always already doing. It requires moving beyond one's endless avoidance of pain and search for pleasure, not by avoiding or transcending, but by surrendering and going deeper into the very essence of life.
Because of the difficulties inherent in language (and the limited dualistic thought structures) to convey Samadhi, over the last year I have been building the Samadhi Center in a rural part of Canada, where people will able to come to be supported on their paths. Direct experience is the only meaningful way to realize Samadhi and infinitely more valuable that any film or teaching. It will be a place for individuals to come to die, and thus begin to live a real life. I will post more as the center is nearing completion in the months ahead.
That being said the film will be coming at some point in 2016, and if nothing else it may help some people to realize the depth of the inner work and commitment necessary to reach Samadhi. A heartfelt thanks to all the artists, musicians and spiritual luminaries who have contributed to the film thus far, and for your support and understanding in this mysterious process that is unfolding.

Dorothy Walters: Daniel Schmidt is a film maker, musician, and meditation teacher who lives in Canada. He is currently building a retreat center in Canada for those who wish to deepen their own spiritual practice and for those who are dying. His film "Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds" is considered a classic.

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