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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

To My Internet 

To My Internet

(This is a poem inspired by modern technology, which now is virtually a new religion.  It is an updated version of the Lord's prayer.)

Dear Mysterious One
Who exists somewhere unseen
in the outer realms,
may all respect be shown to you.

Clearly, you are taking over
the universe,
you are forever in charge
of whatever occurs in my life,
here on this machine
and elsewhere
in places I cannot even

Please forgive me
for all the foolish mistakes
I keep making
despite what my friends
have taught me
about how to post entries
and let me overlook
the typos in the messages
I receive from them
since all of us
were born too early
to get the right technique
clearly inscribed
on our out- of- date brains.

And keep me
from getting so
that I fling this
gadget against the wall
and lose all my files
as well as my address book.
And help me not to get so
fascinated with my communications
that I forget to get up
and walk around every hour
as I am supposed to do
to keep my circulation going.

For you are clearly
my Significant Other,
the CEO of my non profit life,
and will be
for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours truly,


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