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Tuesday, April 04, 2017



The morning of Sunday, April 2, I woke up feeling fine.  I ate my usual breakfast (oatmeal) and was looking forward to a nice walk in the neighborhood.  But suddenly I started to feel ill.  Mostly I just felt woozy, out of sorts, a bit unsteady.  I began to ache a little everywhere.  When I checked the pressure points around my eyes, they were very sore.  Am I having a stroke? I wondered.  Is this the beginning of a migraine? I seldom have these, but know the first thing to do is to head them off with strong coffee or else some kind aspirin or Tylenol.  I took neither, but realized I just could not bear to use my eyes anymore and found something else to do.  It all cleared in about four hours.

At that point I was talking to a friend who lives in Seattle.  I asked her if she had noticed anything unusual that morning.  She had.  She was in a board meeting when she saw lights around her eyes and felt nauseous, and wondered if she was going to have some sort of episode right there in public.  Somehow she had managed to drive home, even with her painful eyes.

What was going on?  It felt like some kind of wave or frequency swept through, catching those of us who are "super sensitive" in its spell.  Was it some sort of change in the weather?  A solar flare?  Likely we will never know.

But that is not the end of my story.  That night I went with friends to a local Irish pub to hear Irish music.  It was a glorious evening.  I got far into the music, and was clapping my hands and patting my feet with the rest.  I loved it (especially the visiting piper) and was now quite cured of my earlier ailment.

Then there was this morning.  I noticed sweet energies stirring in my hands and lower arms even before I was dressed or had brushed my teeth.  I stood quietly, as my hips and hands began to move in circles, now at the sides, now in front of my body, ultimately at my head.  Once again I felt the bliss that I have so often experienced before and indeed have described as I try to capture the ineffable.  Again, it was a transcendent experience, unexpected, unexplainable.  The energies themselves were rapturous but a bit stronger than usual.  Were these from different unknown helpers coming in?  Had my own energies been changed through the earlier experience?  Did the pain of Sunday come from adjusting to newer and stronger energies?  I have no idea, but when I saw ads for a workshop just now on "Mastering You Energies" I felt that that was not my path at all.  Rather I allow the energies to lead and I follow.  The inner guides know what is best and I gladly move as they direct me.  I am not sure what this process is, but I know that I love it and hope that all will experience something like this as we together go through our planetary initiation into new levels of being.

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