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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Becoming the Light Body (Wednesday, May 31) 

Becoming the Light Body (Wednesday, May 31)

Some call it the light body, some the divine human, and some (the ancient cabalists) Adam Kadmon.  Whatever it is, it is a process that is occurring now, here, right in the midst of world chaos, to many in various ways at various stages.  We are all works in progress, finding our way, helping one another on the path, moving through pain and sorrow into states of joy and ecstasy, always swinging back and forth, back and forth as our systems adjust to new energies and adapt to new frequencies.

Yesterday, I went to experience a totally unfamiliar process of light and sound, said to alleviate ailments and even cure many illnesses.  To do this, you enter a chamber where you are exposed to intense light from above and listen to music chosen especially for you.  The theory is that your own frequencies will be matched by their opposing ones, and thus you will be put into a state of balance.

I did not feel much during the "treatment."  In fact, I went to sleep.  I had come in rather groggy and still depleted from my previous day's bout with food poisoning.

I still felt rather draggy and drained of energy for a few hours afterwards, but then I suddenly felt normal once more.  This is good, I thought.

But this morning the surprise happened.  I was at the computer when I realized I was feeling nice energies here and there. On instinct, I lifted my arms face high and moved them in gentle micromovements back and forth.  The sweetness flowed.  I have had many "bliss outs" in my life, but this was unlike any other.  So soft, so gentle, so tender.  Indeed, it was like light playing everywhere I moved my hands.  Light infinitely subtle, inexpressibly loving, felt in and around the body.  I am grateful.

I think this is progression toward the light body.  Some years ago, I wrote this poem:

"The Jeweled Cloud Floats overhead,
Meanwhile our cells
are turning to air,
finer and finer
arrangements of light."

Thank you, Gail Lynn, for this beautiful experience.  I thirst for more!


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