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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Earth's Frequency - Schumann Resonance - Hits 90Hz
In this New Earth ONE Network News Update, learn about the recent spike in the Earth's Frequency. Spiritual Leaders say this is confirmation and proof positi...

Dorothy : I am interested in this phenomenon as it affects both me and others. Many are feeling the negative effects of this shift, as old memories and issues come to the surface and demand to be attended to. I experienced some of this negativity on April 2, when I and others had a period of strange wooziness and disorientation. However, some are having very positive effects from these solar events. I and others had sudden surges of creativity on and around April 19, a date mentioned in the overall discussion. And today I had an unusual experience of involuntary trance state as I was intoning a mantra composed of two words I love but had not thought of in a long time. As I chanted, my voice lowered significantly as it became very male and seemed to issue from a very strong human source. I saw in my mind an image of a vajra, and identified the two poles as the upper and lower chakras, these connected with the central channel running from bottom to top. No bliss as such was connected with the experience. It was definitely a changed state of consciousness and as it continued I went into deeper and deeper levels, until I seemed to enter the awareness of "vastness" that many speak of during quiet meditation. This ws in effect a new experience for me. I did enter prolonged trance many years ago during my original awakening, but that has now been over thirty years ago, and since then shifts of consciousness have manifested as various kinds of bliss. Trance as such is not a common feature of my life.

 I personally agree that our individual selves are moving into higher frequencies as is the earth itself as we progress on the process of evolution of our consciousness and are formed into beings closer to the divine. Despite the contemporary social chaos, universal spiritual transformation is occurring universally.

I feel blessed to be included in this epochal event in human history.

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