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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To My Body 

From: Unit CEO

To: My Body

Dear Friends and Employees,

This is a letter of thanks to each of you who have contributed to the success of this operation for long.  As you know we began as a startup many years ago, and all of you have contributed to the overall success of this effort.  It is true that we have had a few ups and downs over the years, but by working together we have resolved most of our issues and now work together as a (mostly) smoothly functioning unit, each one contributing to our overall success as a project.

I am grateful for the contribution of each area, including the cells, tissues, and bones as well as the many organs inside, each performing its function in a beneficial way.  And of course, I also wish to signal out the brain itself, where my office is located and which has afforded me much pleasure over the years.

It is true that some of the parts are getting a bit worn with time and sometimes we have had to incorporate new replacements into the main system.  I am thinking here of such things as supplements for teeth, hearing and eyes as well as walking aids.  I know that we have all also appreciated the addition of certain vitamins and herbs to make things work more efficiently overall.

I have particularly been happy with our ability to contact the subtle body (as an extension of the physical) for it has afforded much pleasure over time.  This is the part that I will carry with me in future, since it endures longer than the rest.

As many of you know, I am considering possible retirement from this configuration in a few years.  Many of my contemporaries have already left their positions and gone to live and work elsewhere.  Please be assured that in the meantime I will be behind you in all  that you do, and you will be given ample notice when the operation shuts down.  Newer models are coming off the line and I am sure they will serve the community well.

In the meantime, I will be seeking a new assignment elsewhere and only hope my colleagues there will be as highly functional as you have been.  I am sure that the overall chief of this operation will find an appropriate role for me in the next phase.

Love and gratitude to all,


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