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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Singers––Poem by Dorothy 


Oh, let the heart be opened
and expanded to its full:
let it be loved and give love
in full measure,
not wondering about
the why of it all.

Let this town that I love
not be ruined
by wrong vibrations.

Let this world that I love
not be destroyed
by those whose hearts
are frozen.

Outside my window.
There is a bird
that sings.

It sings and sings,
no matter the weather,
the unstable barometer,
even in falling snow.

Let me be the same,
singing always,
and sometimes
dancing a turn or two
to my song.

Passing overhead
I see a gathering of angels,
moving together as a cloud.

When it is my turn to go,
may I join them,
this chorus of love,
even with my unsteady voice,
my uncertain ear,
filling the vastness above,
the radiance below.

Dorothy Walters
May 26, 2017

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