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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thinking Ahead––poem by Dorothy 

Thinking Ahead

I have already begun to say goodbye
to the things
I have loved on this earth,
in my life.

Something has told me
I may not live forever
after all,
may not survive to see
the next ruler installed,
the next country
give way,
whether or not
the distant "others" come.

Mostly, I think
it will be my friends I shall miss,
and though many will arrive
to join me soon enough,
some having already gone ahead.

I am told there are gardens
filled with exquisite flowers
and trees over there,
colors you cannot imagine,
scents, sounds, abundance of love.

I am hoping I won't be asked
to solve the problems
I left hanging behind
when I departed,
won't have to remember
and try to erase
the memory of things
I did wrong,
how I misjudged some,
over rated others.

We will all be transfigured
in one way or another,
perhaps unrecognizable
balls of light,
flickering shadows
of fires in the distance,
awareness without form.

I trust there will be
plenty of Mozart and Beethoven
to go around,
that the vibrations we have tasted
here now and again,
will thrill through us
and we will become these alone.

Mostly I fear
the loss of all that has
been me
in this lifetime,
like a book
whose print
has faded,
Table of Contents gone.

I would like to visit,
from time to time,
the "person" I was,
the being that was crafted
out of my flesh and blood,
however temporary
on the scene.

In the meantime,
I am hoping
for a new assignment,
some way to participate
in what is going on
on my old planet,
my former home,
a place where radiance
and tender feelings
still survive.

Dorothy Walters
May 22, 2017

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