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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kip Mazuy––The Mind and Infinite Joy 

The Mind and Infinite Joy

"One of the greatest obstacles in meditation
is our understanding.

When the mind gives up
trying to grasp meditation with the intellect,
that is when meditation can happen.
That is when we perceive this moment as awareness.

The mind has its doubts and its beliefs
that says “conform to me, conform to my understanding”
and this limits us.

Infinite Joy is a realm
of no-understanding.

When you have given up
all knowledge, all desire to understand,
all mental activity, then attention is subtle enough
to realize Infinite Joy.

It is not stopping your thoughts
because you are still there, doing the stopping.
It is much more subtle than that.

You never realize Infinite Joy as a person,
as a mind, as a doer.
Through spiritual practice, getting Shakti and surrender,
you, yourself become subtle.
All the layers of who you perceive yourself to be
are stripped away and you come to the essence of what you are.

And that is not a finding,
that is a complete giving up.
And then, what is left is pure attention.

Then you feel this light shine through attention itself
and you are so attracted to that light,
attention becomes fully absorbed in it.

There is deep devotion in this; deep love.
I am not talking about being consciousness,
I want to take you much deeper than that.
Just in talking about it, you might taste it.

From the intellect, we define enlightenment,
we accept certain concepts about it.
We accept the teachings of consciousness, kundalini etc.
But what is actually here, beyond all understanding
is the most Divine Mystery, the most exquisite profound
joy where the mind lovingly becomes absorbed
into the realm where there is only light.

Kip Mazuy

I very much agree with this.  The mind wishes to conceptualize, define, word the experience.  Yet it is in itself wordless.  Osho, the rascal guru, said, "The mind must drop before Awakening can begin."  I call the attempt of the mind to think its way to Truth (God, Source, Oneness) as being "trapped in the labyrinth of mind."  Oddly, we must use mind to understand the fallacy of mind (mental approaches).  Kip is a composer and music is one way in.  Poetry is another, for it takes us into regions beyond  the intellect.  And, of course, transcendent experiences are not concept based, but surrender to pure feeling.  I always love Eve Ensler's observation: "I feel, therefore I am."
I am not an anti-intellectual by any means.  But the core experience, the ultimate revelation, is not mind based, but pure, raw feeling that we surrender to.  Our name for this state is unconditional love.

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