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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oatmeal and Transformation 

Oatmeal and Transformation

It is astonishing.  It just keeps happening.  And, even though it has occurred literally hundred of times before, one is convinced that the newest experience is beyond all the others, taking us to yet another level.

I am speaking, of course, of the experience of ecstasy, a state I first encountered over thirty years ago and which continues to visit from time to time even now.

This is what happened this last time (a few days ago).  As so often is the case nowadays, it arrived unannounced and in surprising circumstances.  I was in fact standing at the kitchen counter fixing some oatmeal for breakfast when I felt energies stirring here and there within.  So I paid heed to them, perhaps moved my hands a bit, and then felt my lower chakras awakening.  The sensation grew sweeter and sweeter, as I gently moved my hands here and there over the chakras, never touching my body.  Indeed, I felt as though I were being infused with light, with rapture, with a frequency higher than any I had known before. I seemed to enter a new level of transcendence, as if I were experiencing yet another initiation, this into a realm previously unsuspected.  I longed to stay forever, feeling the boundless love of the universe flow throughout my body.

I stopped just in time to save my oatmeal from burning, and spent the next few hours wondering what all of this meant, where it had come from, what its intention was.

Perhaps it was another step in becoming the divine human that many writers have talked about.  Perhaps it is what the alchemists of ancient times were seeking through their various esoteric practices.  Maybe it is movement toward Teilhard's omega point.  Is this what is meant by "Enlightenment?"  Is this the light body?  I think that none of us have reached this high state as yet, but I feel that we are sometimes granted tastes or glimpses of what that condition might be.

I wonder if this is how we all existed before we incarnated and if this is how we will be once we return to our origin.  All of us are involved in this process in our own ways and according to our own rhythms.  Together we move toward species evolution, in a manner that seems to be orchestrated elsewhere.

In the meantime, we live in mystery.

How blessed we are to be participants at this time!

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