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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Paula D'Arcy––A Transcendent Experience at Chartres  

A Transcendent Experience at Chartres Cathedral––Paula D'Arcy

I have returned to Chartres Cathedral so many times.  I know you're aware that it's a great energy vortex. I am always drawn there, like being drawn home.

This year our little group was able to enter the Cathedral in the morning 30 minutes before the doors opened to the public. No lights, no candles. Just being with her (the Cathedral) as she awakened. I found a different place to sit each time...usually sitting right on the ancient stones of the floor, but always in sight of one of the original stained glass windows. As the morning light comes through that famous Chartres blue, an alchemical  mix of colors, it is very affecting.

Then on one of those mornings I felt as if the energy of the Cathedral had entered me and as She awakened to the morning, She was awakening inside of me. The boundaries of my person ceased to exist. The vastness I experienced was boundless, and the surge of energies were in remarkable waves that opened, seemingly, to the infinite Universe. I didn't speak of it to anyone because I didn't know what to say. I just stayed with it, trying to be calm and just allow it, and spent the remaining days, whether outside or inside and when I could,  sitting still and breathing more slowly...not really needing to eat much...  I flew home with these energies still moving...and even though they were not really contained, it was not frightening. Not troubling.  When I got home I saw a woman Craig introduced me to years ago - she is very attuned to the body and energies. She immediately seemed to know what I was experiencing - she said a few things that described the largeness of the energy. I had said nothing about it, but she felt it, and sat with me in silence for over an hour, sometimes putting a hand on me. I left feeling as if some of the energy had integrated (not sure if that's the word)...Only that I was a little more grounded or better able to adjust to the force.

Now, as I write to you, I am in NC...and as I arrived, the same wide opening and strong flow of energies repeats itself.

Paula D'Arcy, Writer and Speaker, Gift of the Red Bird and Stars at Night

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