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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Seeing Auras, Seeing Energies 

Seeing Auras, Seeing Energies

After your Kundalini is activated, you may begin to have unusual experiences as the nervous system is refigured. For example, you may begin to see auras around others, often when you are in an audience watching a speaker or performer on stage.  For me, the aura almost always is some shade of purple, from bright pink to dark indigo.  (Purple is said to be the most spiritual of colors.) For most people, the aura is egg shaped, surrounding the head and shoulders, at least as I have perceived it.  Sometimes the auric field may be quite extensive.  Once when I was watching Alice Walker onstage, I saw lovely purplish blue lights flashing all across the stage.  (Remember, she is the author of "The Color Purple.")  Another time, I saw beautiful pinkish purple rippling across the stage, emanating from Isabelle Allende, the Chilean writer of "The House of the Spirits" and other fictions.

Traditional pictures of saints and other holy figures often represent the aura with a halo over the head, or else a nimbus (a cloud of light) surrounding the body. Obviously, if the painter depicted the image with a full three-dimensional aura, the face would be somewhat obscured.

I have also seen energies  as such from time to time.  Once I observed a young poet reading his work to an audience as he stood in front of us with his body in profile.  I saw an energy stream rise from the base of his spine and down his arm to where he was holding his manuscript.

Another time, I saw the energies of a female conductor move up her spine and down the arm which held her baton.

And once I watched as a singer rose from her chair in front of the orchestra to perform her piece before the audience.  As she sang, blue energies  expanded from her chest and torso.  Once her turn was finished, she sat down and the energies disappeared.

Some people even have x-ray vision, possibly from birth.  They can see inside the body and detect any problems within.  Although this talent may be useful in medical diagnosis, it is (I am told) quite distressing at parties, when one sees the guests in this fashion.

Such capacities are fun and even fascinating, but they are not the main reason we seek Kundalini awakening.  For me, Kundalini is a sacred endeavor taking us closer to Source and such talents are simply interesting by products.

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