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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Weft and Warp––poem by Dorothy 

A Weft and Warp

Rumi tells us we are nothing more
than this weft and warp of bones and muscle
until we are able to see.

Think of it!
We go about supposing
we are merely
this fingernail
this eyelash,
a bag of tendons, veins
and fat.

Then one day
something happens,
and we know
we have been walking about
as a human mirage,
a breathing phantasm.

It is this,
this Other,
now stirring within,
the Guest entering the house,
the lost Lover returned,
the reality of It and us,
all one.

Dorothy Walters
July 20,  2017

(image from internet;
Rumi quote from Mathani 211)

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