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Monday, July 31, 2017

About Near Death Experiences 

About Near Death Experiences

I have a long standing interest in the Near Death Experiences that more people are reporting these days.  A national conference on this topic is being held in Westminster, Colorado, from August 3-August 6.  You can look it up at http://conference.iands.org
Westminster is located between Boulder and Denver.  You can also purchase replays of the presentations from the site.

There are also many videos on Youtube from people who have had such experiences and are describing them here.  One I read recently that I found of special interest is

Dr. Helen Hensley

Her account includes many instances of synchronicity, OOB, and foreseeing future events that have come true.  She is a chiropractor now living in Ireland because of past life connections there. Her then husband freaked out when he saw her leaving her body one night as he slept beside her.  He promptly left the marriage.

Others on Youtube include Nancy Rynes and Eben Alexander.  Nancy got run over by a truck and dragged a few years ago when she was riding her bicycle near Boulder.  She now has a website and has published a book about her experiences.  Eben Alexander is a physician whose experience totally changed his life. He brought back a detailed account of his experiences on the other side.  He has also written book and gives frequent public talks on his journey to elsewhere.

The common theme of these narrations is the need for love for self and others plus the importance of society to become more focused on our spiritual essence rather than material possessions.  I myself believe that the sense of unconditional love that many report is deeply akin to the loving connection to the divine that Kundalini can bring when we are in right alignment.  Both are life changing events, for certain.  For me, the essence of Kundalini is bliss itself, the hallmark of the presence of the Beloved Within.  This is a palpable, somatic experience, and compares, I believe, with any experience of rapture that a human lover can bring.  We are told in the ancient texts that our divine nature is "satchitananda."  (being/consciousness/bliss).  The "bliss" that is referred to is the sweet ecstasy that streams through the body when Kundalini is fully activated and integrated into the system.  This bliss is also the final stage of the mystic journey, when the self is annihilated into the ultimate.

NDE's are now rather well known as are out of body accounts.  Kundalini, however, is somehow less known by the general public, although there are many sites on the internet purporting to be about this topic.  In fact, you can read almost any and everything about this subject, but I think you have to be very discriminating about these posts.

As much as I feel that the schedule of the NDE conference is full of interesting topics and speakers on various related subjects, I am disappointed that nowhere is there any direct acknowledgement of the role of Kundalini in human evolution.  For me, Kundalini is the ultimate key to our progress in becoming divine beings, or "divinized matter."

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