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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Advice for the Journey 

Advice for the Journey

Often Kundalini Awakening is very much an up and down process, one day feeling superb, the next disturbed and even ill.  Think of waves that rise and fall, your own physical energies that come and go, music that contains both crescendos and diminuendos.

If you feel some kind of discomfort or illness happening:

Calm it down however you can.  Breathing, warm baths, walks in nature, soothing your aura by stroking it or massaging the body wherever it hurts.  Slow deep breathing with mantra of "calm, calm, calm."  Mudras if you like these.  Tai chi, yoga, chi gong, free movement imitating the set forms.  Stretching exercises.  Free movement dancing. Soft music, gentle movement––know this temporary discomfort is a part of process.  Don't panic.  Part of continuing process of integration, learning to deal with the new energies.  Allow the sweetness to flow, if it wishes.

Spiritual poetry, visual images, music.  Kirtan, Tibetan overtone chanting, whatever appeals to you from jazz to classical (rap is more difficult for many of us, but perhaps it does serve as an outlet for pent up feelings of anger and distress).

Your own creative outlet (music, art, poetry, writing).

Helping someone in some way.

Thinking of someone you love.

Prayer for those in need and for the world.

Ask to be shown your proper path and how best to give your gifts to the world.

Actions including political to make the world better.

Find a friend, a spiritual buddy who is sympathetic and understanding to share with.  If you don't have such a person in your life, keep a journal and let your feelings and thoughts flow freely.  Often, you can find like minded friends on Facebook.

Listen to authentic spiritual teachers on YouTube or on Webinar presentations.

The company of healing, nurturant persons.

Keep you physical body in the best shape you can.  Diet, exercise, moderation in alcohol, cut cigarettes and caffeine, as much sleep as you need––familiar rules for good health.  This is your vessel.  Honor it.

Find the practice best suited for you––quiet meditation, movement either slow or fast,
above all, sensing the energetic flow within.

Seek good companions, like minded souls.  Groups in harmony where energies become coherent.

Gratitude for gifts in your life.  Sympathy for those who suffer from illness, personal loss, displacement as refugees.

New experiences, such as classes, workshops, articles and spiritual sites online, new forms of healing (massage, energetic balancing, novel approaches through emerging techniques involving both light and sound).

Reflect on possible underlying issues in your life that might be causing these symptoms of psychological or physical distress.  Get good professional help from a psychotherapist who understands the transformation process.

Know that this process is not one of a step by step progression to a fixed goal.  It is an experience of constant unfolding, staying open to your own inner expansion of consciousness, always maintaining your connection to Source, knowing that the entire planetary transformation is in fact being orchestrated elsewhere and that we are each progressing in the way best suited for us.

Know that you are not alone and that you are part of a worldwide process into the next stage of human evolution (the divine human).

Know that you are loved.

Watch out for phonies.

And don't forget the bliss.

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