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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

How They Worship 

How They Worship

Some drink only the sacred wine,
eat ritual bread
amidst the incense,
taking God
into their body.

Others shout
and roll on the floor,
speak in strange syllables,
crying out to the named god
in frenzied devotion.

And still others sit primly,
listening while another speaks,
never moving or
stirring about,
God through the ears.

Where is this One
you have never seen,
who whispers to you
deep secrets
of your being?

Only in your heart
will you discover his dwelling,
dancer who is half man,
half woman,
the flaming One
who will enter, join with you,
ignite your holy love.

Dorothy Walters
July 4, 2017

Note:  I have been reading certain ancient poetry and was inspired to write this in that earlier mode.  Shiva is depicted as half male, half female.  Thus "he" is Shiva/Shakti, the invisible presence who encompasses all of reality.

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