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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kundalini: Preparations and Arrival 

Kundalini: Preparations and Arrival

A question that often arises is : how can my awakening occur?  Some suggest that you must follow a discipline, believe in an as yet unseen reality, and above all commit to the notion that "God" is in fact unlimited ecstasy and that you will partake of this ecstasy (bliss, rapture) if you simply do all the prescribed practices, perhaps even practice the austerities, purity your diet, visit your therapist, and in all ways seek divine connection.

But the truth is somewhat different.  The path to heaven is not a ladder with fixed stages that you attain one by one until you are rewarded at the end with a final confirmation, rapture passing description.  Even if you enter an ashram, meditate and say your mantra countless hours each day, spend time reading the scriptures or attending ceremonies,
there is no guarantee that you will succeed in your goal.  This journey is not a process that takes you to some final culmination.  It is not like studying a foreign language with the expectation that you will eventually become fluent in that tongue.  Indeed, you can practice your piano many  hours daily, and, although you will improve, you will not become Mozart.  Some other ingredient, some indefinable factor is required beyond discipline and adherence to prescribed techniques.

This element is divine grace.  It may come after years of devotion or it may spring upon you suddenly, like a panther seizing its prey.  When it erupts, you may not even fully realize what is happening nor even have words to name or describe it.

What then, is one to do, since nothing is guaranteed on this path, no final rewards are certain?  The key is to prepare without expectation, to move ahead toward an uncertain destination, to ask for the goddess' blessing on the journey, and be satisfied with whatever results.  We are each at a unique place on the path of ascension.  Know that where you are is in fact appropriate for you at this stage.  It is often said that "the path is the goal."  Know that these words are true and strive for progress, not arrival.

Yeats spoke of "making your soul."  This is your task always––to create a self that is better, more in touch with that which is compassionate and caring, to use your gifts to make the world a better place in all ways.  And to open to love deep within your heart, so that you may in turn give and receive love from others in a sacred manner.

Then who knows what may ensue in your life, what may happen to you as constant blessings unfold?

Dorothy Walters
July 26, 2017

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