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Friday, July 14, 2017

Lilla Botlik––Sex and Spirituality  

Lilla Marta Botlik

Sex - the most sacred of spiritual energies

Based on my initial experience and the ongoing transformational process, I regard sexual energy, the primordial force of creation itself as pure consciousness. From its bound expression in form it seeks expansion, it likes to escape like a genie from a bottle to experience union with its own boundlessness and oneness.

So whether it is rapture, physical orgasm, non-physical orgasm, bliss, heart expansion or expanded consciousness, you name it, there's no distinction, or goal per se, but simply the movement of consciousness in whatever flavour it has decided to expand and where in the body it manifests from.

In the lower chakras it's firey, in the heart it's airy, in the head it's rarified and inifinite. Sometimes it's all of that at the same time. It's up to Mother and I let Her do it. Often, She plays me like a piano up and down, other times it's the heart that is in rapture or Her Abode, as I call it, the sexual organs. Or Her Womb, the infinite ocean She takes my speck of consciousness to.

Whether there are physical outer or inner orgasms, full-body or beyond orgasms or ecstasy where one cannot even move it doesn't matter, It's all Her, pure Consciousness and by default Her seat is in the physical body, in the reproductive organs through which She creates all life.

That's why the sexual urge is the strongest force in our body, far stronger than that of the heart or spiritual seeking because all these are derived from our libido. The primal urge of sexual union is the impulse of infinite consciousness to expand and create new form.
To deny it or regard it as something inferior is the biggest sacrilege. Sexual energy and sexuality itself are the most sacred of all divine expressions as it is the highest sacrifice that consciousness makes when it transforms itself into matter, from non-form into form. In Kabbalah, it is Yesod; the Foundation upon which God has built the world.

To renounce it immaturely because it is inconvenient or because one is so spiritual that they don't need to work with it, or to escape it because it's challenging; is really saying no to the true embodiment of divinity. As awakening takes place, the body and sexuality become the very vehicles for the transformation from base metal to gold meaning to be able to house new levels of consciousness that is the Soul.

There is no other way but to embrace it and treat it with due respect and awe as the divine power itself in manifestation.

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