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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nan Merrill––The Awakening Journey 

The Awakening Journey

Awakening is an ongoing journey.  To begin to see and to turn our lives around is only the beginning.  As an act of the soul, we are called to take a long, loving and sometimes painful look at who we are and whom we have been.  This road humbles us and gives us the strength to change the direction in which we are headed, to ask forgiveness, to simplify and discard all that is not Life-giving, and to abandon ourselves into Love’s hands.  Inasmuch as we are able to say yes, we are blessed with new life, peace, new joy, new love .. and freedom.

Only slowly have I learned to make this journey with a bit of grace.  For years I fought the process, stumbled and fell, rebelled and strayed, regressed, and betrayed my inner being—and yet, always the gifts of forgiveness, strength, courage, guidance and unconditional love have been given whenever i have had the humility to ask, to listen for the Voice of Wisdom and to respond.

Journey into Love
From Fear to Freedom
Nan Merrill

I knew Nan slightly through a mutual friend. She was a remarkable woman, with great wisdom and deep insight into the spiritual journey.  She wrote many books on spiritual matters.

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