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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Accomplish Your Journey––Poem by Dorothy 

"Accomplish your journey beyond yourself."

Have you thought about what this means?

You must go forward, rise into a new beginning,
risk what is known, who you are,
in order to awaken to the new being
who is you.

Your inner ones are working constantly
to lead you ahead,
open new pathways,
instruct you in unfamiliar ways.

In order for the new to be born,
the old must be relinquished.
Don't be an old dog
sleeping by the fire.
Be a wild creature,
leaping and dancing
always into new vistas,
untried paths,
something other
than what you define yourself
as now.

Gamble away all your hoard
of riches and your will be
with a heart filled
with treasures of gold.

Dorothy Walters
August 8, 2017

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