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Saturday, August 26, 2017

"Explorers"––poem by Dorothy 


Like others,
I constructed a world around me.
Like them, mine contained limits,
a circumference telling me
how far I could go, where not.

Yet I kept trying,
making breakthroughs.

Finally I found myself elsewhere,
as if I had traveled to outer space.
At first there were no other
beings there.
It was a lonely exile,
yet one I had created
for myself,
the old boundaries would no longer serve,
the air in those parts was too stifling,
the oxygen had all drained away.

Then I began to discover others
moving about in this expanded space.
We paused, we talked,
we compared notes on our journeys.
We kept on finding ways
to enter still more spacious realms.

Together we explored unknown
places not located on maps
or globes.
The dimensions of our new
world widened,
enlarged until we were in
totally unfamiliar territory.
Now we began to wonder,
were we still ordinary humans
or were we the beginnings of
a new species, some sort of hybrid
both human and divine.
Since we had no maps to guide us
we followed the voices within.

We began to talk in a new language,
often sent silent messages to the rest.
Our cells vibrated in a different way,
our inner frequencies rose,
the bliss streams flowed within.
Now we were something other,
creatures inhabiting another realm.
Boundaries dissolved,
delight and discovery were our daily fare.
We reveled in our newfound state
and waited in joy till the rest arrived.

Dorothy Walters
August 26, 2017

This poem is an allegory of how it feels to experience profound expanded consciousness, a state that opens you to new dimensions of feeling, but also sets you apart from much of humanity.

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