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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Tantric Lovers 

The following poem does not describe my own experience but rather that of a friend who was with a tantric master.

The Tantric Lovers
(for Aditi)

Even before we begin
we know that
this is something rare,
sacred and

We do not know
why we have been chosen
for this rite,
why we are here together
in this place now.
We are guided
by our instincts,
our knowledge
of all that is.

What we are certain of
is that together
we will be one,
you will become
who I am,
and I you.
The lost tales of the past
have told us so.
The pictures,
the figures caught
in the sculptures.
Images inscribed on the
temple walls.

We do not need
or instructions
on how to do this.
We have possessed this knowledge
Already our bodies
have become the god/the goddess,
together locked into final reality,
a universe unfolding.

Dorothy Walters
February 27, 2013

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