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Friday, August 25, 2017

When an Angel Appears 

When an Angel Appears

Nancy Rhynes, who had one of the most fascinating near death experiences of any I have heard, wrote about the following incident on her newsletter recently.  She was feeling a bit "down" so went for a walk in nature.  An old man approached her on the path, never looking up.  As he passed her, he suddenly raised his head and said, "Everything is perfect," and lowered his gaze once more.  When she turned to look for him, he had vanished, maybe around the next bend on the trail.  Nancy felt that he might have been an angel sent to lift her out of her doldrums.  She was grateful for that chance encounter.

Nancy's story reminded me of an experience I had about this time a year ago.  I had been eating in a restaurant located in a rural setting outside  of Santa Fe and was just getting in my car in front of the entrance when suddenly a very old man appeared out of nowhere and held the door open as I got in.  Then he said, "Isn't it wonderful to be alive?" and simply disappeared into thin air.  At the time, I wondered if he could have been an angel, sent to remind me of how precious life itself is.

Who knows what angels there are among us?  Mostly we are unaware of their presence, for they may come in many guises and forms.  They do not always come surrounded in light and in the body of a beautiful young woman. But we need to listen carefully to the messages they bring.

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