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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Tell Me About Shambala––poem by Dorothy 

Tell me About Shambala

Tell me about Shambala,
Atlantis, Lemuria,
all those ancestral realms.

Describe those beings now arriving here
from some other planet, dimension,
or sphere.

I want to believe,
oh, yes, I would love
to believe
all of this amazement,
every detail and scrap.

But something holds me back,
won't let me enter
those fabled kingdoms
now gone,
encounter those presences
that are they say quite real.

What I can believe in
is a faceless bodiless
essence that visits
from time to time.

I have no proof
of this invisible reality
and when I try to explain to others,
they shift about uneasily,
turn their backs,
change the subject.

I do not know
where this mystery comes from,
where it goes when it leaves.

Sometimes I think I derive
from a place unheard of,
unmarked on any map.

How I got here
I do not know,
nor where I will arrive when  I depart:
at present I am a temporary inhabitant of that place
marked "Forbidden.  Do not enter."

Dorothy Walters
September 1, 2017

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