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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

A Walk into Joy 

A Walk into Joy

Yesterday morning I took a short walk and was captivated by what happened along the way.  It was a cold (40 degrees) but sunny day.  I was warmly dressed for the temperature so the cold did not bother me.  Here is what I experienced.

As I proceeded, each plant and stone, each remaining leaf, seemed to speak to me in a special way.  This was not a purely mental response.  I literally seemed to feel each color, each shape, inside, not as bliss, yet as somatic pleasure.  Mostly the feeling arose in the lower chakras and each moment awakened deeply felt joy.

I have occasionally had such experiences with flowers or even trees, but never so clearly delineated as was this. I am not an artist, but I wondered if this was what those with a highly developed esthetic sense might feel among natural forms and colors.  I thought of Monet and his gardens, as well as others who connected with such naked undiluted beauty.  I have, it is true, been a nature mystic all of my life, for even as a child I went into altered states in the paradise of the woods and streams.  Yet this was a different experience, another ineffable event in my life.  I felt blessed and blissed to discover such (for me) a new way of seeing/feeling.

Once more, Kundalini surprises and delights me.  Its gifts never end.  Always there is a fresh discovery, an awakening of a new capacity.  Each offers a taste of what is in store for us all as we undergo transition into the New Human.

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