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Saturday, November 04, 2017

"Looking Backward"––poem by Dorothy 

Looking Back

Looking back,
I can say, yes, the journey
was never easy.

Somehow I kept losing the map,
got lost in jungles and swamps
of my own devising,
forgot where I had put
the instructions that someone
had given to me at the start.

Sometimes I met a friendly traveler,
and then maybe we enjoyed each other
for a time
and then each went our separate ways.
Often I assumed we would
companion each other forever,
but always that proved to be
a false hope.

Then things happened to me
that I could never explain.
An inner voice began to speak to me,
but there was never any way to share this
with others.
In fact, I and this presence
communicated without words,
feeling was enough,
and I knew that at last I had found
the right way.

Together we move ahead,
never knowing what will
lie around the next bend,
what essence or thing
will appear after the next turning.

And it is enough.
A wise person once said
"The journey is the goal,"
and indeed, that is so.

And thus I wait to see what
awaits us, what next unfolds.

Dorothy Walters

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