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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Speaking with Angels 

Speaking with Angels

What does it mean to speak with angels?  I have a friend who does, or, to be more specific, she speaks with and is guided by one
specific archangel (by name).  She herself is a highly intelligent and totally functional person who has undergone many unusual
experiences in her life.  Among other things she has acted as a channel to allow certain of her family members to
communicate with their dead loved ones.  She constantly experiences synchronicities that are difficult to explain.
She has even published a book about certain of her encounters.

One must ask, is she delusional or is she ahead of the rest of us in terms of her ability to break through the veil and
allow the unknown to come into own inner awareness?  Are we all going to  open to such esoteric encounters as we
move ahead in our common spiritual evolution?  Is hers a glimpse into the more highly sensitive beings we
may all become as we evolve into the new human?

Because of the internet, we are now able to share with one another such atypical accounts.  Near Death stories are becoming more widespread.  Out of Body descriptions are rather commonplace.  Some hear angelic music.  Others have visions of Jesus
standing before them, and these images are shared by others in their company.  Some report prophetic intuitions of coming events. Many believed that the veils between the worlds (seen and unseen) are getting thinner.

Personally, I feel that each of us should go only as far as our own comfort zone will allow.  I myself prefer the somatic experience of Kundalini, for I, being a skeptic, would likely try to discount certain experiences as being too far out of the “norm” for me to accept as real.  However, you cannot argue with a feeling.  I know from my own process that Kundalini does indeed restructure the brain over time, and we develop certain capacities and sensitivities that would previously have been far beyond our range of responses.  I believe that we are indeed in a time of acute evolutionary transition and that Kundalini is the driving force for this movement into a higher state of consciousness and being.

We are indeed living in exciting times.  I for one feel blessed to be included in this amazing phenomenon.

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