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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Transition 

The Transition

We had thought
it would be Wagnerian.
Lightening ripping the skies apart,
thunder leveling the hills.

We built high shelters,
readied our private planes,
made reservations on whatever
might still move.

But when it came,
it was instead
a vast silence,
a stillness so overwhelming
that we were overtaken,
transfixed in awe.

The trains were now, literally,
stopped in their tracks,
the networks stood still,
the planes were frozen
in midair.
We ourselves could
no longer move or speak.

The cities too were submerged
in quiet
as the markets halted their chatter,
 the subways ceased to run
and the cabs forgot
their destinations.

 Then the throat of the earth
and a single sound
came forth
in an unknown frequency,
an unfamiliar mode,
and we waited to see
if the angel would come.

Dorothy Walters
November 10, 2017

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