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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Another Christmas Story––poem by Lisa Shulman 

Another Christmas Story

What if Mary was María

dark skinned and tired

trudging through the desert

pregnant and far from home?

What if Joseph was José

and there was no donkey

but the burden of fear weighed the same?

What if there was no money

for Joseph or José,

and what if the birth pangs grew sharper

for Mary or María?

What if there were no beds

for any of them,

no shelter, no warmth,

only dust and cold stars glittering above?

What if Bethlehem was Texas?

What if the baby was born

in a manger

or a detention center

this Jesus, this Jesús

this child of God?

Would he be revered

or ripped from his mother’s arms,

this Jesus, this Jesús

this child of God?

Wouldn’t the angels rejoice

at this divine spark

born into the world?

Would we?

- Lisa Shulman

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