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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Flash Mob Performances from Around the World: The Need for Joy and Ecstasy 

Flash Mob Performances from Around the World: The Need for Joy and Ecstasy

I have just spent a delightful evening watching and listening to various flash mobs from across the world.  It all started when a friend sent me a Youtube link to a flash  performance by Irish traditional dancers.  Because I have strong Irish ties, this video brought tears to my eyes.  But I was wrong as to the cause: as I listened to other videos from around the world, I realized I was weeping because these wondrous performances reminded me of what the world could be like if we were not so mired in chaos, confusion, and horror.  We are so constantly bombarded with tokens of madness brought on by the lust for money and power of world leaders, so victimized by the surrealistic events wrought by a demented would be tyrant, that we forget what it is like simply to be human, to enjoy peace filled "entertainment,' how joy itself can repair our spirits and help us to remember what it is to be human and experience a world filled with creativity and happiness, rather than suffering and cruelty.

Recently a friend questioned why I chose to write about ecstasy rather than, say, the terrible incident of the child refugee who died of neglect from a callous border patrol, leaving her father and the world recoiling in horror at such cruel negligence.  Indeed, there is an abundance of similar events happening world wide.  The list of the dangers we all face is long and I need not recount them all here (the environment, the annihilation of the animals, the horrible situation of refugees world wide, the reprehensible behavior of police who kill innocent victims and are not brought to justice). The list is endless.

I follow these events carefully, for I wish to be a witness to what is happening in and to our society and the world.

However, my blog is not dedicated to social justice issues.  Many commentators delineate these problems, in print and on the air.

My focus is, rather, on Kundalini and global spiritual transformation as a means of salvation for the entire species.  I believe something very important is happening as more and more of us undergo extreme awakening into another state of consciousness, one more in alignment with what I think of as the divine love field of which we all are a part.  I write about ecstasy, even in this time of peril and chaos, because I believe it is a state that all are capable of and need, and that it serves as a counterbalance to the grim news that assaults us daily.

I sometimes describe my own ecstatic states in part because it is in my nature to share such experience through language and also because it is inspiring to others to "know that such things can happen."

We all long for ecstasy, whether through the inner bliss of union with the Beloved, or ecstatic dance (think of the Electronic Music festivals held regularly in Detroit and elsewhere), or creativity, or time in nature, or music, or whatever you choose.  To deny this state (bliss, rapture) is, in my mind, to slam the door on "God" (source, life force, creative center, whatever you call it.)  We must hold both hands open, one to awareness and compassion and action for the vast cruelty and suffering in our world, one to the reception of that which is "other' and makes us more than we seem to be.

In my view, we are now in a transition to the next stage of human evolution.  In many ways, such a transition includes suffering and pain, for it involves the birth of a new stage of human existence, and birth is never easy.  Kundalini (the life force) is a major key to this reframing of humankind.  It is my "assignment" to serve this transformation as best I can, through language and direct assistance to those who seek help for  their personal transfiguration.  Kabir begged, "Turn Me into  Gold."  I think we are all being "turned into gold," as part of our common destiny at this time.

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