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Friday, December 28, 2018

Ted Murray––Our Human and Divine Selves 

Dear Dorothy,

Do you often feel like there are two separate parts of you, the human and the divine? We have all grown up in a dualistic society, so it seems natural that there is a division between these aspects of our nature. We may strive to live only as our divine aspect and try to negate our human tendencies. Many religious beliefs teach that the body and human desires are bad and to be overcome by strength of will as we aspire to become purely divine. Of course, the common result of that is a great deal of shame and guilt when we succumb to the natural human tendencies. Although pure divinity is a valuable goal, if we were already in this perfect state we would not be embodied on this planet.

Since you are currently in a body there must be a reason for it. This time of transition calls for you to embrace both your human and divine selves and allow them to work in a balanced harmony, with total acceptance of all aspects of yourself. When you move beyond judgment then you can truly love all aspects of yourself and become empowered to use this physical body to create something wonderful in the world. As long as you negate the value of the physical form your ability to manifest in this plane will be limited. When you integrate and love all aspects of yourself then your light will shine brightly and will have an amazing impact on everyone you meet.

Love and Light,

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