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Monday, December 31, 2018

Terry Patten: "The yin Hero: a new Kind of Leader" 

Terry Patten: "The yin Hero: a new Kind of Leader"

As we turn to a new year, I believe it is important that embrace a new form of leadership, one that incorporates love and dedication to the welfare of the whole rather than one which promotes the inflation of the personal ego.

This presentation is free and well worth listening to.  It moves me deeply to see such values promoted, for, as an early feminist, I spent much of my life trying to awaken such awareness in others.

And, again for me, I feel that Kundalini is the ultimate experience and expression of such ultra feminine principles.  In Kundalini, the individual ego is submerged into a larger, more cosmic vision of reality and what is possible.

Happy New Year to All!!!   Let us move together into our next stage of evolution.

from Shift Network and Terry Patten:

"A new kind of leadership is needed, one that calls upon the latent heroism in every heart. Sign up now for a free live event with Terry Patten. Those who register will also gain access to a recording.

Dear Dorothy,

In my book, A New Republic of the Heart, I introduced the idea of the “yin hero,” a new model of leadership that draws on virtues associated with artists and the sacred feminine. It expresses not the yang masculine dominating capacities of the warrior hero, but heroic joyful love, the self-transcending care and generosity associated with great saints.

I am going to offer an important new special 60-minute online teaching event next week. In it, I’ll share practical wisdom you can use about the nature of this kind of leadership, how it is already invisibly getting stronger in millions of us, how you can nurture these capacities in yourself, and about how we can cooperate to bring this counter-intuitive disruptive leadership to bear on behalf of the human future.

The Call to Yin Leadership
A Free Online Teleseminar with Terry Patten
12 Noon PT / 3 PM ET, January 9, 2019

I hope you'll be able to attend and I hope you'll get out the word to others about this important event. In it, I'll also let you know about the yearlong social experiment I'm initiating for 2019.

Interestingly, yin leadership embodies radical creativity, and it draws on the capacities associated with art and artists. It breaks down boundaries, not just between love and politics, but between creativity and power. The classic books, The Art of War, and The Art of Loving, seem to come from different worlds, but the kind of yin leadership our world needs now, requires a reunification. What is the art of loving so profoundly that love commands power — and thus transforms (and “wins”) the war for the more-than-human future?

I have written that the icon of yin heroism is “not Achilles, but St. Francis.” At this point in human evolution, some of our biggest threats come from innumerable pumped-up egos, vying for yang pre-eminence and dominance over others. But now we need something radically different. Instead of slaying any outer enemy, we now need a new generation of heroes who will at last slay the monsters within so profoundly as to be able to relate to one another differently, co-creating a truly new way of being human, a post-egoic cultural pattern.

Instead of heroism that presumes separation, this heroic spirit sees through the story of separation and enacts wholeness instead. It refuses to put anyone out of one’s heart. But it is hardly soft; it is a ferocious stand for care. Such heroic love is required for us to break out of our fragmented, conflictual ways of being in relationship to one another—and that’s the crucial challenge of our time.

Please join me, and please help get out the word about this If your heart has sometimes been pierced, broken or horrified by the rising prevalence of conflict and cruelty in our fragmenting world, this teaching event will offer you needed uplift and hope — and a path toward your own personal empowerment — helping you see how you can bring a different kind of leadership to bear in the weeks and months ahead.60 minute teaching on January 9th at 12:00 noon Pacific Time. Click HERE to reserve your spot in this free webinar.

To our evolution,
Terry Patten"

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