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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Transition 

The Transition

Sometimes it happens
and  we mysteriously open
to new revelations,
fresh insights,
unfamiliar experiences.

What does it mean
to speak to the dead,
to travel through portals
that, shut fast for so long,
suddenly swing open
and allow us to see
with new eyes, saints'
eyes, in a world where
all is shining and new,
even the faces of friends,
the trash at the corner?

Or listen
to celestial music
or leave our bodies
and gaze in wonder
at ourselves down below?

How can we suddenly
open to universal love,
as if we ourselves
drew the magic card
to take us there,
like Alice,
now going down the secret passage
where all is different,
and we ourselves are transformed
into a refashioned being,
a new formulation
of our old selves?

As if trees began to sing
and messages appeared in the sky
written in the viewer's own language.
Love becomes the universal currency
in  a festival of longing,
the invisible made manifest.

Dorothy Walters
December 26, 2018

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