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Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Favor and an Amazing Healing Experience 

Dear Friends:

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An amazing healing experience:

On Friday night, I was suddenly seized with an intense stomach ache, so severe I thought I might have to go to Emergency.  Instead, I stayed home and it subsided after 3-4 hours.  I speculated that it was from stress.  Next morning it was better, but I still felt quite ill and had some stomach pain.  I went to a presentation by the man we call Swamiji, who is not a guru but rathe a very gifted lecturer.  Somehow being with this group put me into an altered state and everyone looked quite beautiful.  However, I still was not quite right.

A woman I barely knew gave me a ride home.  She told me that she was an energy healer and medium.  She offered to do a healing for me and I accepted.

Her energy healing was very gentle and soft.  I could feel small "releases" happening here and there as she worked.  By the end my stomach pain was gone and I felt like my old self.  She had definitely healed whatever was wrong with me.  As I had suspected, my essential problem was stress and she had relaxed my body so it no longer hurt.

Another mystery.

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