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Monday, January 21, 2019

Among Trees––Poem by Dorothy 

Among Trees

When I go among trees,
I think I have come home
to myself.

They more or less
smile at me
as I pass,
and rustle their leaves
as if they are sending messages
or else gossiping
with each other.

"See her.  She seems
rather nice.  We should send vibes,
make her feel welcome."

I smile back
and bask in their love.
Their energies surround me
and lift me forward.
I am happy once again.

When I was young
I used to climb the great cottonwoods
with their floating gauze
past the bodark huddled below
and look out at the world spread all around.

I peered in all directions,
and felt myself at the center
of all that was,
like the omphalos at Delphi
or the peak of Mt. Meru
where the many realms converge
and everywhere
was where I was.

Now it is different.
I am again a child of earth.
But the sweetness flows in the forest.
The life stream circles through.
This shining, this shadow,
these are who I am.

Dorothy Walters
January21, 2019

(picture from internet. "Bodark" is a common term for scrub oak, derived from "bois d'arc" that the French explorers coined when they passed this way in another century.)

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