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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Elegy in a Time of Darkness (poem by Dorothy) 

Elegy in a Time of Darkness

Does the light fail?
Our leaders betray us,
corruption abounds,
even the faithful are bewildered
and do not know what to do.

We wander restlessly,
seeking for answers.
Forces are unleashed
that we do not comprehend.
We struggle, but wonder
if our efforts are in vain.

Yet, there is even now
a turning,
as when winter gives way
to spring,
as when the fever breaks
and the patient  stirs and speaks aloud.

Everywhere on earth
there are reports of an awakening,
stories of such things
that we have never imagined,
happenings hard to believe.

Some hear celestial music,
others see images of deity
arise before them.
Some speak in reverent tones
with their loved ones
who have gone.
Bliss abounds in a field of light
that grows, spreads ever wider.

No one can explain,
account for such mysteries.
We know that it is happening,
orchestrated elsewhere,
destined to occur.

We are grateful,
believe without knowing,
trust the turning,
the unknown source
that leads us to the next level of
we know not where.

Dorothy Walters
January 14, 2019

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