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Friday, January 04, 2019

Five Guidelines for the Coming Year––Dorothy 

Five Guidelines for the Coming Year

We are now approaching the tipping point for the many earth changes and spiritual transformations now happening all around us and over the globe.  It is especially important to maintain balance and inner connection with our guides, our friends, and the divine reality at this key moment in human history.

We have all worked together to establish the field through our actions and attitudes to prepare for this current evolution of humanity into a higher level of functioning.  We are already more sensitive, more loving, more open to transfiguration.  We are now more in need of maintaining contact with each other and our divine source as we go through this time of major transfiguration.

Here are some suggestions for transiting this epic shift from one level of awareness to the next:

l. Keep in touch with your higher powers.  You can do this through sustained spiritual practice, calling on your guides or spiritual leaders for direction, meditation, yoga and other energetic practices, or simply by keeping aware of the need to be connected.

2  Know who you are and if you are not sure of the answer, then ask to know.

3. Each one of us has a role to play and an assignment to fulfill at this crucial time.  Ask to know what you assignment is (if you are not sure).  It will be something specifically tailored to you, in line with you own special gifts and abilities.

4. Ask how best to go about fulfilling your particular earth job.  You were chosen (and you chose) to be here at this time to play your part in this major happening.  It (your role) may seem minor, but it is crucial that each accept their proper responsibility to ensure the success of the movement.

5.  Practice love.  Do not criticize others for their shortcomings but ask that they be led to improvement through inner guidance.

Blessings to all.   We are one.

Dorothy Walters
January 4, 2019

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