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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Lawrence Edwards––New Year's Blessing 2019 

 Lawrence Edwards––New Year's Blessing 2019

May the New Year open its arms to you
as a lover too long separated from her beloved.

May the wondrous possibilities unfolding through time
bring your soul into communion with your Source.

May you know that what is past is truly gone, dissolved back into the Great Mother, persisting only in the mind clinging to it.

May Ma Kali dissolve all that binds you as easily as she does every moment, every hour, every day, every year – disappearing forever in her mysterious black void.

May wisdom infuse your heart and mind
with compassion, clarity, and patience.

May you see and feel the boundless love of the Divine
within everyone and everything at all times.

May the inexhaustible wellspring of your heart’s loving kindness
flow through you unimpeded, nurturing all you encounter.

May this year bring you closer to fully realizing the hidden majesty
and glory illuminating the purpose of your life moment by moment.

May you peacefully walk the earth effortlessly radiating
the Light and Love that are your true nature.

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation Foundation

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