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Monday, January 07, 2019

Ted Murray––Bringing More Light In 

Ted Murray

Daily inspirational message from the heart.

Dear Dorothy,

How do you envision bringing more light into the world? Many people call themselves lightworkers, so what does that really mean?  Does light represent love, so the words are almost synonymous? Does light actually stand for enlightenment of the individual, lighting up the energetic body so it resonates at a much higher frequency from the cellular level? Perhaps it simply means shining your light to help dispel the darkness that currently permeates much of our planet.

Some people can really relate to the concept of there being a great central sun that is the source of all light and love. Whether you envision this as being our sun, a physical object at the center of our galaxy or simply as the original source of all, the essence of love from which everything emanates, it doesn’t make much difference. Just envisioning the existence of a great central sun can help enhance your ability to bring more light into the world by connecting to its essence. With this vision you can be like a transparent connector streaming this essential love light through your body, connecting to the earth itself, and then sharing it widely through your heart after it amplifies it. When enough people actually connect with the great central sun with a pure intent to serve the world and its inhabitants then the planet will indeed become so immersed in the light that love will be the only thing capable of thriving in our bodies and in our world.

Love and Light,


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