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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Ted Murray––On Contacting Higher Dimensions (Messages from the Heart @ted@tennisfromtheheart.com) 

Dear Dorothy

"How do you experience the presence of higher dimensional beings who are here to support you? There are some people who can actually see, hear, or physically feel the presence of angels, guides, ancestors and other non-physical beings who are around them. For most people the sensation isn’t that clear or definitive. Does that mean they aren’t with you? Does that mean you are somehow at a lower level vibrationally? The beauty of our human journey is that each of us is unique. We all have different ways of experiencing the world and otherworldly phenomenon. We aren’t here to judge ourselves or others and pretend that we are more or less gifted than others.

The real key is your belief in the existence of loving beings who are here to help. If you don’t currently experience them, why not just have faith that they exist and pretend you can carry on a conversation with them. Ask a question and then sit in quiet meditation and see if a thought or feeling comes to you. With practice you may begin to recognize that the voices you thought were just your mind chatter may actually be from your guides. Have fun with it. Play with it with a lightness and sense of humor (they all have a great sense of humor!) without judging. Over time I know that you will be able to create your own pathway for this connection to either develop or to strengthen. At this crucial time in the history of the planet we each need all the help we can get. Why not call upon those amazingly powerful and loving beings who are so eager to assist if you just reach out to them with faith, love, and sincerity."

Love and Light,

Note:  I fully agree with Ted.   I personally do not specifically identify the "inner guides" by name or appearance.  But I do sense that there is a personal connection with 'higher beings" who indeed are there to help.  I sometimes ask for this help in both small and larger matters.  Sometimes they give me guidance to find things I have absentmindedly misplaced.  Sometimes they give help on larger matters––such as how to find a suitable and inexpensive car.  And, at times, they send aid for even bigger needs––such as support for some upcoming medical procedure.

I think these invisible helpers are possibly your own 'higher selves" coming through from the unconscious to the conscious level.  Yet, because they are invisible and silent, they are also, paradoxically, separate unnamed beings, here to love and support you on your journey.  Some people call them angels.  They bring unconditional love.

We are all experiencing major changes within.  We are becoming new beings as we evolve.  These sensed presences are an important part of ourselves and the higher realities as we move through to the next stage of our common evolution.

Kabir said, 'Turn Me to Gold."  Is this what is happening to us now?

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