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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Passageway––poem by Dorothy 

The Passageway

To know what I am talking about,
you must tear yourself open,
the way light penetrates a curtain,
turns it into a fountain of illumination.

Then you must lie down.
Become a sky burial,
limb parted from limb,
organs torn asunder.

What you have called yours
will no longer apply.
No shred of flesh,
no bone connections
will remain.
The animals will find you.

When, finally,
you have become nothing,
the moment will arrive,
you will burst into
a bundle of light,
find yourself in an infinite
field of love,
a new vibration,
shaped finally
into what you are.

Dorothy Walters
January 30, 2019

Note: This poem is an allegory of the surrender of selfness that must occur before the transformation of the inner spirit can occur.

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