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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Transfiguration––poem by Dorothy 

The Transfiguration

"Turn me to gold."

Even as the world around crumbles,
the gates of heaven
are opening.
Indeed angels
are flowing down
mingling among the crowds.

Their children are appearing
among us
with strange talents
we do not understand.

Something is carrying us
into another universe,
where colors deepen
and frequencies rise.

The old gods are wakening,
the times when the oracles spoke.

Some of us are traveling
to other realms in experiences
of seeming death, then returning
with gifts of love and wisdom,
others find they can heal
or feel wondrous energies
move within
gifts unbidden.
Many can see or hear
beings who are not there,
music that has no source.

No one can explain
what is happening.

We are now captives of rapture,
of seeing beyond the veils,
of knowing beyond our bounds.

We must surrender to vastness,
to love.

We must become more
than we are.

Dorothy Walters
January, 2019

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