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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Turn Me to Gold"––Andrew Harvey 

from Andrew Harvey

My dear friends,

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in celebrating so beautifully and precisely my Turn Me to Gold: 108 Translations of Kabir. What this has meant is that this sacred book goes out now to the world accompanied by your celebration of its profound message for our world. As you know the book was published in early November and through a series of confusions the first edition sold out almost immediately and in a way that meant that missed Thanksgiving and Christmas markets. Fortunately the reprint of Turn Me to Gold is now available.

I sent you a request to send out to your groups your feeling for and support of Kabir’s great message. If you wouldn’t mind sharing it again and as soon as convenient I would be forever grateful. I have included the information below for use. May I suggest you use the endorsement you so graciously gave me, or attached is the cover, 3 posts for fb or twitter and press release. Here is the link to purchase on amazon: https://amzn.to/2OcqtYk . I am so grateful to have your support.

The initial response to the book has been overwhelming and I know from you reactions that you know that Kabir’s voice is essential for the transformation into embodied divine consciousness that is the key to transforming the growing horror of our time.  Please in the spirit do whatever you feel you can to support Kabir renaissance that I hope and pray will equal an intensity the renaissance of Rumi that has in so many marvelous ways nourished, ennobled an radically inspired us all. To end, I have also attached a wonderful piece from Unity Magazine to share with you to read at your leisure.

With love and hope and gratitude, your friend in God,

1.       When you enter into a Kabir poem, you enter into the Kabir field- its electric, incisive, clean and clear. If the sword of truth could sing, it would sing like Kabir.

2.       Kabir is far more than a poet; he is an universal initiatory field, as expansive as Rumi, and, as embodied, radical and ferocious as Jesus. He is the voice of the evolutionary truth and its piercing love and we have never needed to hear him more or be more ready to hear him.

3.       May Turn Me to Gold be far more than a book to you, as it has been far more than a book to me. Let Kabir guide you, take his hand, let him lead you into the abyss of unknowing where you will find yourself, despite yourself, being turned to gold. All awe and gratitude to Kabir and to you, lovers of truth, who will also find him.

Press Release

– After authoring more than 30 books, Andrew Harvey, Rumi scholar, mystic and founder of Sacred Activism, is releasing what may be his consummate work, Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir. Born in India and deeply influenced by its mystic traditions, Andrew became enraptured not only with the exquisite spiritual illumination he discovered in Kabir, but also in the poet’s grounding relevance to our troubled times. “Unlike Rumi,” writes Harvey, “Kabir is the tough, no-nonsense peasant who makes things real and fierce and right without any adornment. He is the master of laser-like clarity, simplicity, directness, passion and strength, and this laser-like purity and refusal to buy into any kind of illusion is exactly what spiritual seekers need amid our devastating global crisis.”

Written in the form of a symphony of four movements, Turn Me to Gold is both beautiful and blazing. The origin of the title Turn Me to Gold is a statement by Kabir that one drop of divine love can turn you to gold. What Andrew and Kabir mean by “gold” is someone who is fully embodied—not just inspired in the mind but who experiences God in the body, in the cells. The birth that is trying to take place on our planet, Harvey insists, is not only through people becoming conscious of the Divine but from those who have integrated and embodied the Divine. Kabir, then, is the supreme guide for allowing ourselves to be “turned to gold.”

Embellished by extraordinary, edgy photographs by Brett Hurd, illustrating the divinity of ordinary life, this book reveals our capacity to be turned to gold if we are willing to reject the madness of all fundamentalisms and engage in the arduous work of transformation. It compels us to move beyond mere mystical ecstasy into the death and rebirth that joyously await us on the journey.

Turn Me to Gold: 108 Poems of Kabir is published by Unity Books. Photographs by Brett Hurd. The softcover book is 198 pages, with a cover price of $24.95. ISBN: 978-0-87159-381-8. It is available through Unity Books, Amazon.com and distributors DeVorss, New Leaf
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